Greenwich Village Community Information


Greenwich Village?s youth population has two elementary schools to choose from: PS3 Melser Charrette School or PS41 Greenwich Village School. The youth are zoned to Baruch Middle School 104 and various New York City high schools. Greenwich Village is home to New York University with its law school, administrative buildings, and library surrounding Washington Square. NYU was founded in 1831 and is one of the largest

private, nonprofit institutions of higher education in the United States. The campus of The New School houses several buildings that are considered historical landmarks due to their innovative architecture. Also in Greenwich Village is Cooper Union, one of the most selective art schools in the world.

Local Economy

According to a study conducted by the economic analysis firm Appleseed and sponsored by NYU, universities and colleges in the area employ 10,000 residents. Greenwich Village's economy is fueled by academic institutions. Despite the economic downturn, 6,000 new jobs were created at the city's private colleges and universities. About 17 percent of all Village residents with jobs work in education, health care or social services throughout New York City.

Areas of Interest

When it comes to historical sites of interest, shopping, dining and culture, you can be certain that Greenwich Village encompasses all of these elements and much more. The Village has always been home to artists, musicians, and writers including Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Paine. A famous literary bar, frequented by the likes of Norman Mailer, Jack Kerouac, Anais Nin, Jim Morrison, and Dylan Thomas is the White Horse Tavern. This pub is one of the oldest in New York, dating to the 1800s. Another great pub is Arthur's Tavern where Jazz and blues have been flowing since the 1930s. A great park to visit and hang out in is Washington Square Park, which is a neighborhood landmark with 9.75 acres.

City Parks

Washington Square Park is a great place to enjoy a nice stroll, read a book, or have a picnic. The two prominent features of the park are Washington's Arch and a large fountain. Washington Arch commemorates the centennial of George Washington's presidential inauguration. The magnificent arch was built in 1892. Several small parks and squares can be found around The Village. Some of the smaller parks include Christopher Park, Jefferson Market Garden, and James J. Walker Park.

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